Sustainable Development

A dedicated environment management cell ensures that effective and continuous prevent measures are followed to save the environment from degradation. ACL prioritizes and encompasses the environmental considerations in its decision-making policies at every level. The Company cares about the health and well being of those living in the vicinity of its plants and has adopted a policy of open communication on environmental performance.

We aim and incessantly formulate our policies and technological abilities to:

●   Minimizing the dust emissions
●   Minimizing waste generation
●   Sorting and Recycling of waste products
●   Reducing the adverse impact of pollution due to transportation
●   Responsibly sourcing the supply materials

Water conservation

The company continuously churns out better ways to efficiently manage its water resources and maintains Zero Water Discharge. The water used for industrial cooling is recycled in each plant. As a part of the water conservation measures, the Sewage Treatment Plant has been devised through which the residual water is utilized for gardening purposes.

Green Environment

Tree plantation drives and the Green Belt Development programs have been extended to cover the area that lies in the vicinity of our plants. This benefits the local community and reduces the impact of transportation.

Equipments In Use

• Bag filters
• Respirable Dust Samplers
• Online Stack Monitor

Occupational Health & Safety

  1. At ACL, we are dedicated towards maintaining an environment that ensures the health and safety of all our employees working not only in the manufacturing, but also in the operation and maintenance department.
  2. The company strictly adheres to every single statutory provision pertaining to the health and safety of the employees.
  3. All the nuances are kept in mind to prevent any accidents and avoid all occupational hazards.
  4. All the employees and contractors are educated and encouraged to follow basic safety rules during working hours and carry out their respective tasks in a safe and responsible manner.
  5. It is mandatory for every employee at ACL to use the personal protective equipment.
  6. The company periodically carries out Audits and risk analysis for hazardous operations.

Community CSR

Model Village Development Program

ACL CSR initiatives were implemented in collaboration with SEED, a non-profit organization that seeks to protect the lives and livelihoods of people exposed to natural disasters and those living in disaster prone areas.

Women Empowerment

The empowerment of women through creation and nurturing of self-help groups has been one of the key components of the model village development program at ACL. Sensitization meeting have been conducted across the village for the creation of self-help groups.