High Reactive Silica Based Cement (HRS)

This special blended cement is produced by inter-grinding higher strength PPC clinker with high quality processed fly ash. The R&D division of ACL sets the regulations on its production. This USP of this value-added product is its hydraulic binding properties that are not found in ordinary cements.

Ideal Applications of HRS

RCC Work In Construction

Marine Works

Mass Concrete Works

Advantages of using HRS

  1. Less permeable to water resulting in higher durability of the concrete structure it is used in.
  2. Highly resistant to alkali, sulphate, chloride and other chemical attack.
  3. Easier to work with.
  4. Low heat of hydration.
  1. Due to high fineness, HRS has better cohesion with aggregates and makes more dense concreteness.
  2. Comparative lower Water-Cement ratio provides an added advantage for the further increase of compressive strength of the concrete.
  3. Better surface finish.

We also have the infrastructure and technology to produce:

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)
Grade 53
Grade 43
Grade 33

Ready Mix Concrete (RMC)