We are an ISO certified manufacturing unit with IMS certification from BSI.

Quality Management Environmental Management Health & safety

Enterprise Resource Planning & Real Time Integration.

At ACL, we have partnered with Ramco Systems for ERP. All lab equipment's, machinery and weigh bridge are integrated in the Ramco Real Time Integration. The real time data is available to all authorized users.

Plant Automation Technology

Our World Class Lab


Used for controlling the process and operation parameters of the mill and packing section. This communicates with the DCS to operate all machines of the plant on a single platform.

LIMS interface

It is a Lab Information Management System, which maintains quality parameters of the incoming/in-process and final stage products/raw materials. This is an interface, which is tagged with XRF, Auto Blaine, Auto CTM (Compressive Testing Machine) and the Color Index to monitor quality.

PLC controllers

This device has recently been installed in the system. It functions to control the Temperature/Humidity simultaneously. As per BIS guidelines, the lab must meet the atmospheric conditions of Temp= 27 +/- 2 deg Celsius and RH = 65+/- 5%

EEL Packer

This is software provided by EEL, which helps in monitoring of the packing section.

RFID tracking

At various locations across the plant, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) readers have been installed to monitor the truck movements inside the plant and outside it (parking).

Other Facilities


Home away from home. A housing facility specially constructed for the resident employees of ACL.


The company encourages its workers to socialize and create harmonious ties at the club in its premises.

Sports & Culture

At ACL, we prioritize the fitness and wellbeing of our employees, along with celebrating cultural and religious diversification.